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Philippe Loix

Core expertise.

Philippe Loix focuses on cases in corporate law, real estate law and administrative law, with a particular specialisation in public procurement and real estate projects. Dedicated and diligent, turning over every legal stone, always from a practical point of view. With a master’s degree in law, taxation and company law and an LL.M. European Master in Law and Economics, he sets the standard of quality within the dispute resolution team particularly high.

Work vision.

Hypercorrect and concrete: that is how Philippe makes the difference for his clients. In addition to a strong theoretical case, as a lawyer he puts maximum effort into pragmatism in advice and the approach of procedures. The intended result for his clients is the main focus. What is the hoped-for end product? How can we achieve this as efficiently as possible? It is this goal-getting mindset that inspires Philippe and lifts his work to a higher level.

Track record.

Philippe has been a lawyer since 2014 and has since made his mark on a series of leading cases. Proceedings before the Constitutional Court, guidance in major fraud cases and cyber attacks, support in negotiating damage claims in the context of large-scale construction projects, … Philippe analyses in depth and offers a practical, ready-made answer.

“Nothing exists that doesn’t affect something else.”

Jeroen Brouwers
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