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Lawyers offering straightforward advice.

Many sectors, such as the financial market or the energy market, are bound by ever changing rules. Correctly implementing and monitoring these regulations is one of the biggest challenges.

Laurius has a track record of regulatory cases in which our lawyers act in the conflict area between who operates in the market and how the rules of the game are being complied with and controlled.

From financial services, insurance and securitisation, to energy law and the start-up of trading activities. Proactive counsel is our focus, but we also handle disputes quickly and with the highest quality.

Our lawyers

Senior Partner

Karen Vermaere

Karen Vermaere is a senior partner and has been a lawyer at the Antwerp Bar since 2001.
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Philippe Loix

Philippe Loix focuses on cases in corporate law, real estate law and administrative law, with a particular specialisation in public procurement and real estate…
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Gerrit Hendrikx

Gerrit Hendrikx, master in law and sociology, started his career as a lawyer in 2015. Since 2020 he has been working in the commercial…
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Zeno Vanregemorter

Zeno Vanregemorter has outstanding experience in corporate litigation, both in financial and contractual disputes.
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Lucas Van Geel

Since 2020, Lucas Van Geel has strengthened the Laurius law firm. He is mainly active within the commercial and dispute resolution department.
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