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Unparalleled. Unmatched.

It is the passion for our profession and our personal and expert guidance that is valued by our clients. Company law, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, real estate law, employment, corporate and financial litigation: Laurius is a reference firm and supports companies, investors and shareholders in national and international affairs with a 360° approach.

Qualitative, creative and resolute. That is Laurius. Our lawyers listen, advise and optimise. Active and proactive. In addition to strong in-house knowledge, we have a network of specialists at home and abroad. All with the same passion and approach. This enables us to offer an appropriate solution for each case, dedicated from the moment you walk into our offices in Antwerp and Brussels.



Laurius is a team of 30 lawyers, working in our offices in Brussels and Antwerp. All of them quality seekers, just like our clients.

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Newly graduated or already a few years of experience? Laurius continuously invests in the growth of its teams and talents.

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The pre-emptive right of Brussels housing tenants and the various forms of housing tenancy in the Brussels Region.

The Brussels government has approved the pre-emption right of tenants when selling their rented homes.

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Restrictions on rent indexation soon to end (but not entirely).

In the context of the 2022 energy crisis, each of the Belgian regional governments imposed limitations on the possibility to apply indexation on the…

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Laurius appoints three new counsels.

At Laurius, we take enormous pride in investing in the personal development of our associates and celebrating their achievements. That is why we have created…

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