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Public procurement

Public contracts with an eye for detail.

Laurius advises and guides tendering entities (private parties that are subject to the public procurement regulations for various reasons) through a variety of procedures relating to public procurement.

Intensive, comprehensive guidance is key in this process. We also provide targeted and committed assistance to companies.

From the preparation of applications and tenders in the context of public procurement, through negotiations with the government, to possible disputes concerning the attribution and execution of public contracts.

Our lawyers

Senior Partner

Karen Vermaere

Karen Vermaere is a senior partner and has been a lawyer at the Antwerp Bar since 2001.
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Philippe Loix

Philippe Loix focuses on cases in corporate law, real estate law and administrative law, with a particular specialisation in public procurement and real estate…
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Zeno Vanregemorter

Zeno Vanregemorter has outstanding experience in corporate litigation, both in financial and contractual disputes.
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