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Laurius successfully assisted BMB Bouwmaterialen (BME Group) with the acquisition of Gedimat Antwerp.

BME | Building Materials Europe is one of Europe’s leading distributors of building materials. Its activities in Belgium are focused on the brands ‘BMB Bouwmaterialen’ (building materials) and ‘STG’ (sanitary, heating and plumbing materials). With this bolt-on acquisition, the BME Group further strengthens its presence in the province of Antwerp as part of BMB Bouwmaterialen.
BMB Bouwmaterialen, with headquarters in Antwerp and a 40 year history of providing guidance and materials for construction and renovation projects, continues to expand and will have a network of 11 locations in Flanders by year-end.
Bridts (the company behind “Gedimat Antwerp”) offers a broad portfolio of building materials at their site in Aartselaar. Bridts employs 17 people and the former owner – Mr. Vincent van Genechten – will remain actively involved with the management of the company going forward.

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