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A look at our cases and legal news.

Tacit lease renewal: for fixed or indefinite term?

Article 1738 of the Old Belgian Civil Code, which still applies today to all (common law) leases, states that when a tenant, after the…

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Liability for building collapse (not) abolished

Article 1386 of the Belgian Old Civil Code has long provided that the owner of a building is liable for damage caused by its…

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The Flemish Real Estate Information Platform (VIP)

The Flemish Decree of 22 December 2023 on the Real Estate Information Platform (Belgian Official Gazette of 29 December 2023) marks a further step…

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The pre-emptive right of Brussels housing tenants and the various forms of housing tenancy in the Brussels Region.

The Brussels government has approved the pre-emption right of tenants when selling their rented homes.

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Restrictions on rent indexation soon to end (but not entirely).

In the context of the 2022 energy crisis, each of the Belgian regional governments imposed limitations on the possibility to apply indexation on the…

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