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Martin Lens

Core expertise.

As a lawyer at Laurius, Martin Lens focuses on corporate M&A and real estate. His academic knowledge? He gained this during his law studies at UCLouvain and his notarial studies at UGent. Since 2019, he has been honing his practical skills in the field of business law. Experience and expertise that Martin uses daily to support his clients with concrete, out of the box solutions.

Work vision.

The personal trust of a small firm combined with the know-how and experience of a big one. Laurius gets it and does it right. Martin is a strong supporter of the office’s vision and always incorporates it into his dossier follow-ups. Skilled, reactive and creative. Martin sees Laurius’ multilingual, pragmatic approach as a plus, as is the in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which he and his fellow lawyers negotiate and conclude deals.

Track record.

Mergers, sale of real estate to listed companies, takeovers of companies, industries and real estate, … Martin has successfully managed challenging M&A and real estate transactions in recent years. For a resounding client base, with a crossover of knowledge between the real estate and corporate departments.

“When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.”

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