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Matthias Verschaffel

Core expertise.

Matthias Verschaffel obtained a master’s degree in law and corporate law and joined Laurius in 2017. His area of expertise? That ranges from corporate and company law, over private law, to property law and inheritance disputes. In both national and international contexts. Dispute resolution (amicably, through arbitration or court proceedings) also falls within his area of expertise.

Work vision.

Providing efficient solutions that best fit the client’s wishes and needs. This is how Matthias puts his stamp on every case as a lawyer. For him, Laurius rhymes with excellence and in-depth legal analysis: two things that he in turn pursues in his case follow-up. Matthias handles each case purposefully and pragmatically, correctly and creatively. Going the extra mile is self-evident to him.

Track record.

Throughout his career, Matthias has managed numerous cases on dispute resolution. He does so for a diverse clientele, ranging from international companies to private individuals. He also assists families involved in the transfer and development of their business or (family) assets.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

Paulo Coelho

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