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Gertjan Van Hoeyweghen

Core expertise.

With a master’s degree in law and notary practice, Gertjan Van Hoeyweghen focuses on cases concerning property law and real estate law in the broadest sense of the word. Flat co-ownership and private construction law are his specialisations. Gertjan is part of the Laurius real estate team in Brussels, where he mainly focuses on real estate transactions and multidisciplinary real estate cases.

Work vision.

Complete and pragmatic assistance, always focused on the goal and interests of the client: Gertjan doesn’t settle for less. Thinking along, providing the most optimal solution or structure, proceeding to an efficient implementation, … With a passion for property and real estate law, Gertjan guides clients from A to Z. Critical, clear and independent, so that each client can rely on tangible and to the point advice.

Track record.

Gertjan has worked on a wide range of cases related to real estate, construction and property law in recent years. Elaborating statutory structures for new residential building complexes, negotiating and drafting main building contracts, offering guidance in legal procedures concerning earthmoving and construction defects, … Valuable experience that strengthens his academic knowledge.

“Play by the rules, but be ferocious.”

Phil Knight
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