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Damien Stas de Richelle

Core expertise.

Damien Stas de Richelle, senior partner at Laurius, has been a lawyer since 1997. As the head of the labour law department, he has particularly broad expertise in labour and social security law. He has a strong preference for collective labour law, supporting employers in social negotiations with employee representatives and trade unions. Damien is also a deputy judge at the French labour court in Brussels.

Work vision.

Damien takes client centricity to the next level. As a lawyer, he is very attached to his clients and puts them at the very centre of his attention. His professional goal? To be a reliable, privileged and lasting business partner. Creative, honest and empathic. Whatever the situation, Damien always looks for the most appropriate solution, based on shared knowledge and experience.

Track record.

With over 25 years of experience, Damien is far from a novice as a lawyer. Throughout his career, he has mentored more than ten young lawyers with whom he has been able to share his passion for the law. At Laurius, Damien assists numerous companies and government institutions with their human capital challenges. Always with the satisfaction of inspiring, enriching encounters.

“For you, with us.”

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