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Sander Parthoens

Core expertise.

Sander’s interest and enthusiasm for employment law are a cornerstone of his legal career. He is highly dedicated to understanding and navigating the intricacies of employment law, employee rights and the changing landscape of employment-related issues.

Work vision.

As a Junior Associate at Laurius, Sander uses his knowledge of employment law to provide valuable insights and support to clients. His careful approach, combined with his strong analytical skills, enables him to assess complex legal situations and develop effective strategies tailored to each client’s needs.

Track record.

With an impressive academic background and a passion for employment law, Sander brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to his work.
Sander graduated cum laude with a Master of Laws from the renowned University of Leuven in 2020. His academic prowess and pursuit of excellence continued with a Master en Droit Social at ULB, where he graduated in 2021.

He also graduated magna cum laude from the VUB with a Master’s degree in International European Law.

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