We assist you in the incorporation, structuring, daily operation, and dissolution-liquidation of companies in Belgium and abroad, with a particular focus on the transfer of shares, due diligence, asset and liability transfers, contributions and transfers of a branch of activity or totality of assets, mergers and (full or partial) divisions, joint ventures and corporate dissolutions and liquidation procedures. We draft all types of corporate documents such as tailor-made articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, and consultancy and management agreements.


We assist you on all aspects of doing business in Belgium. Within the field of commercial law, we provide advice and assistance in analysing all types of commercial agreements, including sale and purchase, lease, distribution, agency, services, loan, guarantee and credit contracts. We have consummate experience in advising on and conducting proceedings involving complex contractual matters. We can assist in seizure and enforcement procedures.


We advise you on the tax implications of real estate investments, take-overs or sales of companies, restructuring, setting up joint ventures, buy-outs of other shareholders, gifts and such like, and advise on the potential fiscal risks of such operations.


We handle disputes involving the regulation of financial markets, financial services, insurance and securitisation.


We advise you on the structuring, management and transfer of family assets and assist you in the context of inheritance planning and succession disputes.

Real Estate

We assist you in real estate transactions, including due diligence investigations and contract drafting.


We advise you in the ever-changing, complex domain of energy law, such as setting up trading activities (including gas and emission rights in the form of derivatives) and investments in producers of renewable energy.


We help you with all aspects of employment (including dismissals and redundancies, welfare policy, restructuring, transfers of undertakings, new start-ups, management companies, etc…), for which we engage the services of lawyers with an outstanding track record, know-how and pragmatic approach.


Every one of our lawyers has experience in the conduct of proceedings within their domain, whether court actions or arbitrations. The scope and diversity of the cases we have handled in past years assures you that we provide the best quality, whether your case is of a regular type or more complex in nature.

Public – Zoning – Environment

When you need advice and assistance in the field of public law (such as expropriation, public-private partnerships, government contracts), environmental law (permits, soil decontamination, waste) or town and country planning and urban development, we provide you with legal skills that boast of an excellent track record.


Virtually every field of law that touches your life will carry some kind of a criminal penalty. Prime examples are company and financial law. We advise individuals and companies, whether under investigation or the victim of crime (including insider trading, abuse of corporate property and money-laundering offences).