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Karen De Clercq

Core expertise.

Private equity, real estate transactions and sale & lease back of healthcare real estate: in recent years Karen De Clercq has built up special expertise in various corporate cases. At home and abroad, she has perfected her financial knowledge in the banking & finance team of London-based Gateley. She also manoeuvres fluently and with experience through all aspects of company law, from incorporation and capital increases to internal structuring.

Work vision.

To the point, pragmatic and concrete. Karen speaks the client’s language in every case. Punctuality is a top priority, both in meeting deadlines and in the accuracy of her work. As a lawyer, Karen puts herself in her clients’ shoes as much as possible to make sure their interests are protected and the risks are sufficiently covered.

Track record.

In the corporate law department of Laurius, Karen has made her mark on several large-scale deals and transactions in recent years. The sale of residential care centers, buy & build acquisitions, financing cases and reinvestment transactions, etc. Karen offers incisive advice to both SMEs and private equity players.

“Motivation comes from working on things we care about. It also comes from working with people we care about.”

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