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Eline Verelst

Core expertise.

Eline Verelst has been an established member of the dispute resolution team at Laurius since 2017. Her key focus? Dispute resolution in corporate law in the broadest sense of the word. Shareholder disputes, director’s liability, (commercial) disputes between companies, … Throughout her career, she has also gained experience in other legal matters, such as attachment proceedings, damage claims and judicial reorganisations.

Work vision.

A strict monitoring of the case, crystal-clear communication and an impeccable relationship of trust with her clients: Eline handles every case efficiently and with empathy. Listening, empathising, analysing, advising, negotiating, … As a lawyer, she effortlessly puts herself in her client’s position to get to the bottom of a case. Eline considers the crossovers between the various departments and teamwork at Laurius as a significant added value.

Track record.

When it comes to dispute resolution, Eline gives her all. This passion translates into a track record of diverse cases in which Eline tries to find an agreement – however challenging – even when the parties are on opposite sides of the table. She is most energised by the fact that procedures with a small chance of success result in a positive outcome.

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